Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Auto Racing Rule - Use the track, Do not run out of gas, and do not crash on final lap

Well then, I find myself a little better racing, most of it is legal on the track, and the first thing they teach you in school for racing track all use and not for whatever it feel scared to go anywhere on the track to help you take advantage of a nearby car, or get out of the way when needed. There are other basics such as the racing course, the best pit crew, the best equipment drive, the best tires to run, and the best support money you have the best sponsors.

Memorial Day weekend of racing history in 2011 turned out to be a very interesting day, and it appeared that more lessons were learned, and rational decision making race and won because of working with the basics. Indianapolis 500 leaders in the last turn control of his Formula 1 car while passing a slower car is lapping lost, he hit the wall, toward the finish line and slid. However, he won second place car race which was passed by.

There was an interesting article recently on May 30, 2011 about "95 Running of the Indianapolis 500 TH: anniversary as leader" who is "Win Title Wheldon wall ran on weekends ago - the last turn crash rookie's legendary Indianapolis 500 to Win "by the Associated Press Paul Newberry, I MyDesert Desert Sun online version of this article read to me [dot] com.

Of course not to be outdone, NASCAR was a big race, but how they could top? Well, the leader ran out of gas, coming in the last turn and coasted to the finish line without any throttle, but he was passed by the second place runner. Yes, it was the next day.

Indeed, NASCAR events was also a last-minute turn, race leader ran out of gas, your car, can you believe it? There was a great article in USA Today titled, "Hey, conspiracy theorists, NASCAR ran a good show" Jenna Fryer by (AP auto racing writer and a good short I might add). This article was published on May 30, 2011. The article said;

"The longest race of the season for a snoozer. Instead, the mystery started early and checkered flag, which was when the Kevin Harvick Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran out of gas all the way to the final step destined to move seemed. The only way of NASCAR for the better if Earnhardt won his 105 race actually losing streak would have been worse. could be '

Look, if you want to be great in auto racing, there are some things that you remember, such as are:

1. You can not over your car,
2. You can not run out of gas,
3. You should never give up,
4. Race fans should never leave until the fat lady sings,
5. You never know what can happen, and that is racing.

In fact I hope all of you please to consider and think on this, and remember these words of wisdom, because they did not come cheap, and anyone with experience level, you have auto racing Nothing can take to realize.

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